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Tips on How to Conduct First Personal Meeting

Meeting a Russian date for the very first time is something that you need to prepare for. Basically, if you are going to meet your girlfriend or even your bride to be; you should still keep in mind that dating online is a lot different when you are already beside each other. A lot of people commit the mistake of meeting a Russian girl traveling all the way to a remote location only becoming frustrated that she is not the person that he expected. You have to first ensure that you have already seen each other on Skype. Also, it should also be clear that you have already done your part verifying of the personality of your date. You have to keep in mind that meeting another person for the very first time is mostly the make or break of any dating cycle.

So how do you prepare for the first personal meeting? Here are some ways on how you can actually do it.

1. Have Set of Expectations

Is she tall? Is she small? Is she smart or not? Here are some of the basic questions that you should have known early before you decided to come to Russia and meet the girl you have been dating. It is too bad if people fall out of love because they don't have concrete expectations from the get go before they meet face to face. If you met online, it is a good idea to actually know the person as much as you can in this type of set up.

2. Be Real

Did you tell you wife to be that you are a millionaire even if you don't have a fat wallet? You need to first be honest if you want to actually get your relationship to last for the next years to come. Also, this way you will find out if your bride to be is actually falling in love with the real you.

3. Know the Legal Details

If you've decided to take your Russian girlfriend with you to the country where you live, you may want to know the requirements needed. There are times when fiance visa would actually take a year or two in order to be approved. Also, it is possible that there are instances when you may have to marry each other first in order to make things easier. Also, you need to understand that some countries may not have divorces. Therefore, make sure that your wife to be isn't still legally married to some guy.

4. Always Have a Budget

You have to understand that meeting the girl of your dreams may require some funding. From the plane ticket to the legal papers that you may have to fix on your way, in order to make everything smoother, it is important to keep a 10% emergency fund as part of your total budget.

These four things will help you achieve a smoother meet up with the person you've been chatting with for the past months or years. This decision is a life changing event that you need to keep in mind. In fact, these steps will not guarantee success of your meet up however it can make a huge difference.

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