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Online Dating Myths and Realities

Online dating is somewhat shady to some individuals. There are a lot of scams and definitely a lot of success stories. That is the good and the bad side of what online dating is all about. A lot of men are actually looking for dating sites from Russian to Asian to even European dates because they find exotic cultures abroad as an attractive option for them to find real love. In order to increase the likelihood of success and minimize failure on your part when you are talking to someone you really don't know online, you have to make sure that you understand these few myths and realities in order to set your expectation straight.


  • It's a 50/50 Chance
  • If you are looking for a successful relationship online, it is still a 50/50 situation where you either meet someone you will get along with or not. However, it is important to know the things you can do to minimize failures. Using Skype to get to know the person is a good decision since it costs a lot of money in order to meet someone from abroad.

  • It involves Risks
  • If the dating process falls apart early on or later, it is important to acknowledge the fact that it is something natural when it comes to dating online. There are a lot of reasons to pull the plug when it comes to these types of dating scenarios while there are also some reasons why you want to maintain your relationship and make it better. Given these instances, there are risks that you may lose time or even lose money when you date online.

  • It also Provides Rewards
  • There are a lot of rewards that you can expect when you actually date online. If you are going to date someone online, it is possible that you may gain experience from it and even address some of your weaknesses from prior relationships. Also, it is possible that you may actually find the right person for you.


  • It is Easy To Maintain a Relationship Online
  • This is probably the biggest misconception. If you are going to deal with someone online, there are a lot of reasons why your relationship could fall apart because of the distance alone. There is a high attrition rate when it comes to these types of dating set ups especially when you don't have physical intimacy with each other.

  • It is Hard To Meet Someone New
  • Meeting someone face to face may reveal all of your insecurities. However, in the World Wide Web, this can be a lot different. You may actually hide behind a low lighted room in order not to reveal your face fully or you may actually just opt to show yourself on picture first. This way, you may be able to find the comfort zone before you show yourself to the other person you are talking to.

These are some myths and realities that you may face if you are going to try online dating. Of course, if you will look at online dating, it will involve a lot of pros and cons you may or may not love. These realities and myths should also be made aware to anyone in order to increase the chances of success on your date.

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